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Book Classes & Screening

Prior to coming to classes at

our fitness studio

Please make sure you have booked your classes.


To Book classes easier
find us on the
Glofox app. 
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COVID-19 Guidelines 

For you safety the list of guidelines below we will have to follow to make sure we are compliant with New York State

regulations that have been set in place.


  • Masks are not mandated in Putnam County members 

  • If you are not feeling well, please do not come to the studio.

  • If there is any change in your health you are required to inform us.

  • Please fill up studio front to back and stand on marked out social distancing spots.

  • All classes will be limited in capacity to provide for at least 6 feet of space between all participants.

  • All classes will require a reservation. You will be able to make the reservation through the mobile app and our website.

  • Please do not pre-register weekly for more than 4 class per week to allow all to be able to attend. *You can take more than 4 classes a week as long as there is availability in class. (Check 30-60 min prior for availability)

  • We have installed MERV13 air filters on our Ac unit, as required by New York State.

  • Windows in studios will be open during classes please do not close or adjust windows 

  • We ask for you to bring you own equipment when available.

  • If need borrow equipment please let instructor or front desk know so they can distribute cleaned equipment, when done please leave equipment in your spot. This way it can be clean an put away appropriately.

  • Please exit classes back to front so there is less interaction with others


  • We have also supplied disinfecting wipes in restroom, feel free disinfect prior or post use for your own safety. The Restroom is cleaned and sterilized after each class or training.

  • Hand sanitizing stations are available around the studio. You should use them frequently.

  • Bottled water will be available for sale, or you can bring your own.

  • At the end of each class facility ad restrooms will be clean and disinfected