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Virtual Live and On-Demand Fitness Classes

With our Virtual Fitness class, you can bring our Studio directly into your home!

Our Virtual Live Classes allow you to have interactions with your instructor and other participants during the fitness classes.

Still get the sense of community and feel the energy through

your viewing device.

On-Demand classes allow you to get a workout at the most     

convent time for you.

 Just log on, and choose from a variety of different

classes that suit your needs.

*Booking Live Classes is as easy as 1,2,3

Just click the schedule tab find and book your classes, login, or create a member

username and password or download Wellnessliving app from your app store..

Select payment type if needed.

Once Class is booked an email will be sent with links or you can access it under your member portal under your schedule classes. 

*Access On-Demand through your member portal via member login on top of website or though your Wellnessliving app..

Bring our Studio Home

Tips for the best Virtual experience:

For best results plug viewing device directly into the router.


If that isn't available and only have wifi be as close to the router as possible.


Turn off other devices that may be using the wifi at the same time.

If still slow Test your internet speed here:

Contact internet carrier if speed is super low.

Audio not working:

Check computer audio is selected

Exit ZOOM Join class again.

Keep freezing:

Turning off your video may help you. 

Still having issues see the internet speed test? 

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